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Three cool things I learned at Hacks and Hackers Toronto

I attended my first Hacks and Hackers Toronto meetup this week and was amazed by the turnout — it was standing room only as more than 100 people gathered to share information and inspiration and generally bridge the divide between … Continue reading

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Excellent advice on data journalism for those of us who don’t code

In an effort to further develop my data journalism skills I’ve been exploring communities of practice in search of technical help, feedback, advice and inspiration.  As a journalist who doesn’t code (yet) I’m finding it daunting to infiltrate a field … Continue reading

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Hyperlocal Data Journalism

There is a quiet revolution underway in the field of journalism that is changing the way we tell stories. Data journalism is an emerging and increasingly valuable journalistic discipline that involves finding stories buried in statistics and visualizing them in … Continue reading

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London tuition protest

In the end, I missed the money shot.   I covered the demonstration against tuition fees in London on Thursday and I don’t have video of Princes Charles and Camilla being confronted by protestors.  I don’t have any footage of … Continue reading

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Discrimination against online journalists?

Every journalist has their breaking point and today I met mine. For anyone who may be visiting this blog for the first time, I publish the website along with Andy Watt. It’s a news website that aggregates information about … Continue reading

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The BBC and social media

I remember when online journalism arrived at the CBC national newsroom in Toronto in the mid 1990’s.  I worked on a program that produced hourly TV newscasts and because there wasn’t much of an online division then it fell upon … Continue reading

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Make it personal

Given that this is my first blog, I kept the search engine block on for a while until I found my voice.   I didn’t think I was there yet and so before I went public I showed it to friends and … Continue reading

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Live blogging with Cover it Live

I’ve just finished live blogging a Commons debate on the impact of budget cuts to policing in the West Midlands and am most impressed by the user-friendly web tool Cover It Live. Here’s a step by step guide for anyone … Continue reading

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