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Birch Cliff News: A two-month status report

It’s been two months since the launch of Birch Cliff News, a hyperlocal website in the suburbs of Toronto, and I’m happy to report that yesterday our page views surpassed our population.  Yep.  There are 13,084 people who live in the boundaries … Continue reading

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Audio Slideshows: an assignment on new media forms and communities of practice

I decided to study audio slideshows because in the practice of multimedia online journalism, it’s important to choose your tools based on the information you want to communicate.   There is a wealth of content and a story that needs … Continue reading

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A Thread to the Past in Birch Cliff

I’ve created an audio slideshow about the history of Birch Cliff Public School, in the heart of the neighbourhood.   It’s a piece featuring  Tamara Hermann who’s done a fantastic job preserving the past by tending the archives at Birch … Continue reading

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Community news sites: “make the obscure findable”

In the next six months, I plan to apply everything I’ve learned during my MA Online Journalism course in Birmingham by launching a community news site for Birch Cliff, the Toronto neighbourhood where I live. The goal is to provide … Continue reading

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