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Copyright clearance from outer space

Copyright clearance is a minefield. It’s even harder when your clearance needs to come from a superstar astronaut orbiting the earth at 28,000 kilometres per hour at an altitude of about 370 kms. Like millions of people, I’ve been awed … Continue reading

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Birch Cliff News: A two-month status report

It’s been two months since the launch of Birch Cliff News, a hyperlocal website in the suburbs of Toronto, and I’m happy to report that yesterday our page views surpassed our population.  Yep.  There are 13,084 people who live in the boundaries … Continue reading

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The launch of Birch Cliff News

Just for fun, before you start reading this post, go online and google “Birch Cliff” and see what turns up.  Not much.  The first hit is an energy company in Alberta, followed by cottages for rent south of Algonquin Park.  … Continue reading

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Average Canadians say goodbye to “Smiling Jack”

There has been an outpouring of emotion today as Canada mourns the death and celebrates the life of NDP leader Jack Layton. Noble thoughts have been conveyed and fine words spoken, none more eloquent perhaps, than the tributes paid by … Continue reading

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Tough to separate truth from fiction on Twitter about Birmingham disorder / riot

I have more than a passing interest in last night’s disorder/riot in Birmingham, as I lived there for six months this past year, have many friends there, and developed a real affection for the city.   Growing increasingly concerned at the end … Continue reading

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Three cool things I learned at Hacks and Hackers Toronto

I attended my first Hacks and Hackers Toronto meetup this week and was amazed by the turnout — it was standing room only as more than 100 people gathered to share information and inspiration and generally bridge the divide between … Continue reading

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Audio Slideshows: an assignment on new media forms and communities of practice

I decided to study audio slideshows because in the practice of multimedia online journalism, it’s important to choose your tools based on the information you want to communicate.   There is a wealth of content and a story that needs … Continue reading

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Data Journalism: An assignment on new media forms and communities of practice

As I began my exploration of data journalism and its community of practice, I was cognizant that I needed to examine the craft from a broader perspective than I had in the past.  My previous efforts were focused too narrowly … Continue reading

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A Thread to the Past in Birch Cliff

I’ve created an audio slideshow about the history of Birch Cliff Public School, in the heart of the neighbourhood.   It’s a piece featuring  Tamara Hermann who’s done a fantastic job preserving the past by tending the archives at Birch … Continue reading

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Excellent advice on data journalism for those of us who don’t code

In an effort to further develop my data journalism skills I’ve been exploring communities of practice in search of technical help, feedback, advice and inspiration.  As a journalist who doesn’t code (yet) I’m finding it daunting to infiltrate a field … Continue reading

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