Average Canadians say goodbye to “Smiling Jack”

There has been an outpouring of emotion today as Canada mourns the death and celebrates the life of NDP leader Jack Layton. Noble thoughts have been conveyed and fine words spoken, none more eloquent perhaps, than the tributes paid by average folks.

Amongst the flowers at the Centennial Flame on Parliament Hill, an incongruously placed can of Orange Crush, a symbol of the NDP’s rise to Official Opposition status under Jack Layton:
A fitting farewell from a local restaurant to the politician who took up the cause of small business:

A message from his constituents:

A note posted on the door of Jack Layton’s house:

Average folks attending vigils across the country to honour the guy who fought for average folks:

Messages on the walls of Toronto City Hall where Jack Layton burst into politics in 1982:

It was inconceivable three months ago that election posters would be used for this:

The NDP leader’s inspirational final words to Canadians transformed into posters within hours.

(By Art Director Stuart Thursby, and available here.)

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